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Wholesale & Foodservice

Serving foodservice wholesale customers for two decades


Nikuya’s foodservice and wholesale operations are based broadly on the three capabilities below. 

Raw meat processing, where we transform boxed meat products by slicing, grinding, portion cutting, tenderizing, marinating, and breading. Products such as sliced beef, sliced pork, 100g/200g breaded and non-breaded tenderized boneless pork cutlets (tonkatsu), and 1 kg marinated portion cut boneless chicken leg for chicken karaage fall under this category.

Cooked meat processing, where we pre-cook beef and pork cuts to our customer’s recipes and specifications on a contract manufacturing basis. Nikuya functions as a central kitchen for center of the plate menu items for multi-chain foodservice operators. We help operators maintain consistent taste, quality, cost, reduce training time for new kitchen staff, and protect proprietary recipes. Products such as braised pork chashu made with pork belly/collar butt (katarosu), pork jowl for ramen restaurants, and braised bone-in and boneless beef short ribs for izakaya restaurants fall under this category.

Imported box beef distribution, where we import wagyu beef from USA and Japan, clear CFIA inspection and distribute these products directly from our partner CFIA registered cold storage facility to customers throughout BC and Canada via refrigerated carrier.


For our foodservice and wholesale customers within BC, we use our own refrigerated vehicles to deliver within Vancouver and nearby municipalities on a customer-by-customer basis. For customers beyond this area, we can arrange third-party refrigerated carriers to transport goods either directly to your location or if that is not possible, to a nearby carrier agent or terminal for you to pick-up. 


For foodservice and wholesale accounts outside of BC but within Canada, we can ship box lot or skid lot quantities of our Japanese Wagyu Beef and American Wagyu Beef, directly from our partner CFIA registered cold storage facility. Such orders must be pre-booked in advance, as we import these products only on a pre-ordered basis. 

Please contact sales@nikuya.ca for more details or to open an account.