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Thursday to Monday 10 am - 5 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday & Statutory Holidays Closed

Last order for custom cut Japanese and American Wagyu steaks, pork loin and pork collar butt: 4pm (or 1 hour before store closing time)

Jan 1 - 4 Closed

Feb 20 (Family Day) Closed

April 7 (Good Friday ) Closed

April 9 (Easter Sunday) Open

April 10 (Easter Monday) Open

May 22 (Victoria Day) Closed

July 1 (Canada Day) Closed

Aug 7 (BC Day) Closed

Sep 4 (Labour Day) Closed

Oct 9 (Thanksgiving Day) Closed

Nov 11 (Remembrance Day) Closed

Dec 24 (Early Closing) 10am - 2pm

Dec 25 (Christmas Day) Closed

Dec 31 (Early Closing) 10am - 2pm

Trusted by families and restaurants since 2002.

Recently we were given several packages of Wagyu beef slice. I made Sukiyaki for my grand-kids and they just loved the meat. They usually don’t eat beef but they enjoyed it very much. I wish we can buy their meat in Toronto. Their barley fed pork loin was also very tasty. Thank you.
- Junko, Toronto, ON
My family have been going here for a few years now, and they have always been super friendly and very accommodating to our large purchases! I now go here with my bf, and it is the same quality food and service that we look forward to every week. We pretty much will not go to any other places to buy our 'meats' because it just taste like... gross compared to Nikuya's. Alot things though do get sold out fast - so it is a bit hard to get the yummy stuff we want.
Nina - Vancouver, BC
Bought kurobuta sausage, sliced kurobuta pork belly, wagyu beef shabu shabu. Pricey but not out of line with wagyu from T&T. Excellent selection, fresh, well presented and handled. My 1st time there, friendly helpful salesperson answered all my questions with patience. Easy parking. Small place but packed full of yummy. Highly recommend. Will be back.
Robin - Richmond, BC

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