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Customer FAQs

You've got questions, we've got answers

Is there a minimum order?

With in-store pick-up online orders, minimum order is $200. This is to help offset costs associated specifically with our online store platform and online payment processing fees. Online orders below $200 are subject to $15 handling fee.

Is there a maximum order?

We do not have a maximum order. However, depending on our product availability and inventory, we reserve the right to limit quantity after reviewing your order.

Where do you ship to?

For customers in the Lower Mainland, all orders must be picked up at our retail store. For customers outside of the Lower Mainland, we can arrange to ship via refrigerated carrier (Clark Freightways or Coldstar Solutions), if their affiliated terminal or agent is located near your address. You will need to pick-up at their respective terminal or agents. In such a case, please provide details of your preference, select pick-up at Nikuya option during check-out and request for a separate freight quote. For products listed on our online store, we can only ship frozen orders within BC.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Yes, an account will be required to place an order, so we can keep your purchase history, contact, and address information on file. Credit card information is not kept on our servers as the payment processing is all handled by Stripe.com. We are not subscription-based, so we will only ship to you when you place an order.

Can I pick-up my order?

Yes. Orders can be picked-up at our retail store on the date specified on your order confirmation.

If product is discounted in the retail store, will the same discount be applicable on the online store?

No. Our retail store discounts change on each item depending on daily or hourly inventory levels. Products for our online store are either made to order or packed to order on a weekly schedule, so discounts available in the retail store will not be applicable on our online store. Conversely, we may promote some products in our online store that may not be promoted in our retail store. Therefore, retail store pricing and online store pricing may be the same or different from each other.

Is the online store price the same as in the retail store?

Yes. The online store prices are estimated prices, but after we pack your order, we charge your credit card based on the actual weight and actual price programmed into our retail store scales. Therefore, you will be paying the same regular price as in our retail store (excluding discounted items, as explained above.)