Nikuya’s Australian Wagyu (Kobe) Beef is selected from carcasses that grade MB9+ which is the highest grade in Australia.  Nikuya’s Australian Wagyu Beef fits between the Japanese origin and the American origin product in terms of price and marbling. 

As with our Japanese and American origin products, all primal cuts are fully traceable and the whole of life history of the cattle are maintained by our supplier.  To further guarantee the healthy nature of Nikuya’s Australian Wagyu Beef, none of the cattle are treated with antibiotic or growth hormones, nor fed any genetically modified feeds.

Nikuya’s Australian Wagyu calves consume a diet of natural pastures and cereal based supplements, once they are weaned off of their mother’s milk.   All feedstuffs are grown in Australia and only quality assured feed mills are used for ration production.

The taste profile and cutting specifications very closely resembles that of our Japanese Wagyu Beef.  Both the Japanese and Australian Wagyu Beef provide a milder taste compared to the strong buttery flavour of the American Wagyu Beef.

Marbling Comparison
Our View on Marbling

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