Nikuya’s American Kurobuta (Japanese Black Hog) is 100% pure Berkshire Pork that is fed 10% longer than commodity hogs. Raised with great care in a network of small family farms in the Midwest United States, the meat is darker in colour and richly flavorful compared to traditional white commodity pork that tends to be bland and dry. No extender, no sodium and no water is ever added to Nikuya’s American Kurobuta Pork.

Nikuya’s American Kurobuta Pork is supplied by the same supplier as our American Kobe Beef.  Initially developed for the demanding Japanese export market, these products have been well received in other export markets and even more so in North America. In fact, the U.S. National Pork Producers Council conducted a taste test using 25 quality traits, and Kurobuta Pork ranked #1 in 19 of them, including tenderness, juiciness, muscle marbling, loin muscle firmness, water retention capacity and cooked moisture content.

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